Department of electrical technology offer diploma of associate Engineering (DAE) level course. A number of students have been trained by this department who have now occupied positions of responsibilities within the country as well as outside the country. Electrical technology expends at a very rapid rate. With the evaluation of digital computer, information technology, communication, electronics and power equipments.

The department has qualified staff in various fields of electrical technology. Suitably equipped laboratories and testing facilities are available in the field of electrical machines, electronics, instrumentation and basic wiring .


Sr. No Name Designation Qualification
1 Farhad Ali Lecturer B.Tech Electrical
2 Wisal Muhammad Lecturer B.Tech Electrical
3 Bakhtiyar Ali Lecturer DAE Electrical
4 Akbar Hussain Lecturer B.Tech Electrical
5 Manzoor Hayat Lecturer Certificate Electrical
6 Nawab Khan Lecturer DAE Electrical
7 M. Khalid Jr. Instructor B.Tech Electrical