The Government College of Technology in KPK hosted two study visits for their electrical engineering students. The first was a visit to Swabi Substation, where second-year students had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience exploring the power grid and electrical infrastructure. The students had the chance to observe the substation in action and learn practical skills to supplement their theoretical knowledge.

The second study visit was a one-day trip to Tarbela Power House, Pakistan’s largest power station. The students had the opportunity to observe hydroelectricity in action and learn about Pakistan’s power sources. The visit provided a chance for students to see how theory is put into practice, and to gain a deeper understanding of the electrical engineering field.

Overall, both study visits provided valuable learning experiences for the students, allowing them to gain practical skills and knowledge outside of the classroom. These visits are just one example of the efforts made by the Government College of Technology in KPK to provide a comprehensive education for their students, and to prepare them for successful careers in the electrical engineering field.

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