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Virtual Trader (Alibaba)

This 3 months course will provide you in-depth and extensive learning to help you launch your very own
digital business on Alibaba.com as a Seller. You will be introduced to all the tools and techniques required
for achieving success on the world’s largest Business-to-Business online marketplace.

Virtual Assistant PL (Amazon)

Virtual Assistant Private Label is someone who provides online/osite support to Amazon business owners.
An Amazon VA comes with an array of skills and can perform multiple tasks to help grow Amazon
businesses. The VA industry is booming mainly because of the overwhelming charm of working from home.
This course is designed to give you an edge by sharing proven processes of becoming a successful VA for
Amazon marketplaces. In this course, each module covers an essential theme, both theoretically and

Virtual Store Manager (Daraz)

eCommerce with Daraz is a premium comprehensive course to begin and grow your e-commerce business
with Pakistan’s largest marketplace, i.e., daraz.pk. This course also includes a basic overview of the global
ecommerce market, digital marketing and several eCommerce business development topics. In this course,
each module covers an essential theme, both theoretically and practically.

How to Apply?

Any candidate who fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria can apply online on KP Tevta Website. Registration (on or before the due date) is must in order to be enrolled. Click here to register. Click here to register.

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